venerdì 6 settembre 2013

IN MY STUDIO. New Pebbles for Geneva.

Come dicevo, l'estate è stata produttiva, 
questo è l'ultimo gruppo di Pebbles 50x50 cm 
da spedire in Svizzera, a Ginevra, 
nel bel negozio di Réka Fogarasi Ide&oda.
Buon viaggio!

As I already mentioned, this has been a productive summer.
In the pictures you see the last group of Pebbles 50x50cm
to be sent to Geneva, 
for the beautiful shop Ide&oda, created by Réka Fogarasi.
Bye bye! Have a nice journey!
Pebbles, 2013, 50x50cm, Watercolour and ink on paper. By Francesca Lancisi.

2 commenti:

  1. Hello Francesca. I really love your work. I don't have a FB account so I guess I'm not eligible for your contest, but I definitely am following your blog (which I do through Bloglovin) so I will be keeping up with you and your beautiful work.

  2. Hello Nancy,
    I love your art and I'm really glad you stepped by!
    I just moved this comment on the giveaway blog,
    so that you can join the party anyway! :)


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